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Simplify the booking process by connecting your hotel's website to the Booking Engine. Manage availability and pricing easily and instantly across all channels and offer aggregators with the integrated Channel Manager.
Zucchetti Hospitality’s Central Reservation Systems (CRS)/Booking Engines (BE) ensure real-time data, avert the overbooking risk and provide comprehensive tooling to maximize sales.

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use Zucchetti Hospitality CRS/Booking Engines.

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CRS by Zucchetti Hospitality

Simple Booking

Simple Booking is an integrated booking system with innovative tools to increase online sales. It includes a booking engine, a channel manager, a mobile app, and a social booking engine. It is easy to use and suitable for all types of accommodations. Among its most important features are the Converto CRM for sending quotes and the Rate Match, which automatically adjusts your direct rates in comparison to the ones shown by the OTAs. Loyalty Club runs online loyalty programs, and the mini shop increases revenue by selling extra services, including vouchers and gift cards.

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Vertical Booking

Vertical Booking is a complete and flexible CRS (Central Reservation System) solution to manage reservations across all channels, with special marketing tools to optimize revenue. The suite includes Booking Engine, Synchro Channel Manager, Metasearch Manager, CRO, GDS Connectivity and Representation, Marketing and Intelligence Tools, and Mobile App.

Booking Expert

Booking Expert is a complete software suite for hotels, hotel chains and groups, residences, resorts, and resorts.
Booking Engine (BeGain), Channel Manager (BeSync), Guest Reservation Manager (BeDirect), and the other solutions in the suite have joint flexibility and customization: they can be adapted to the needs of any accommodation while maintaining a high level of performance.

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