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Hotel Mayer & Splendid

Wellness & Bike Hotel, Desenzano


Hotel Mayer & Splendid is an elegant boutique hotel located in Desenzano with a spa and several amenities for cyclists. This historic hotel has been run by the Mayer family since 1824 and attracts cycling and mountain biking enthusiasts. 

Between late 2021 and early 2022, the hotel expanded its biking services and enlarged its wellness center, which now includes two distinct areas: the Thalasso area, inspired by the sea and salt, and the Oriental area, which recalls oriental wellness. 

The hotel manager and the owner asked us to create a new site that reflected the many changes the facility had undergone over the year and its new identity as a wellness bike hotel on Lake Garda. The design and copywriting were completely revised to highlight the hotel's prime location on Lake Garda and unique selling proposition right from the homepage.

What we did

Responsive Website
Custom CMS
Digital Adv
CRS/BE: Simple Booking
Blu Suite

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