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I Palazzi Historic Experience Hotels

Hotel collections in historic palaces


I Palazzi Hotels is a collection of hotels housed in buildings of great historical and cultural value, restored with the utmost respect for their identity, in Venice, Varese, and the Sienese countryside.

The group's concept revolves around a deeply Italian hospitality, based on the combination of quality, beauty, and impeccable service.

The project began with defining the corporate brand image, establishing a common thread for the three structures that boast unique personalities. This phase led to identifying a suitable tone of voice to narrate both the group and individual hotels. The copy on the four websites adopts a rich and refined lexicon, along with a register of emotional nuances, perfect for conveying the uniqueness of the collection.

As the initial project, we designed the corporate website, to be adapted and combined with the character of each structure on the three individual sites. The graphic concept was conceived to represent the precious and exclusive character of the group's properties in the most comprehensive way, using large photographic blocks and a color palette based on the alternation of black and white in backgrounds and texts. The layout of the new websites is elegant, mirroring the represented hotels, yet modern due to the thoughtful use of full blocks and large photos.

The stylistic choices made on the corporate site are reflected in the individual hotel websites to maintain immediate brand recognition and increase brand awareness, without compromising the uniqueness of each structure.

What we did

Responsive Website
CRS/BE: Vertical Booking
Hotel St.Mauritius

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