Zucchetti Hospitality

Blu Suite

Resort Beach & Spa, Bellaria Igea Marina


Blu Suite is a 4-star family hotel located on the Romagna coast, just outside of Rimini. The owner is a long-standing customer of Qnt/Simple Booking. In 2021 she expanded her property by purchasing the building adjacent to the hotel, thus giving life to a beach resort. 

To reflect this change, we designed a brand new website with refined and elegant graphics to convey the image of a vacation by the sea. The site content has been optimized to provide a smooth and pleasant user experience, inviting users to discover the full range of services offered by Blu Suite Beach Resort & Spa.

Communication on the website is engaging, with micro-copy, claims and call-to-actions that capture the user's attention and make navigating the site intuitive and easy to use. This way, users can quickly discover all the services and opportunities the Blu Suite Beach Resort & Spa offers.

What we did

Responsive Website
Custom CMS
Digital Adv
CRS/BE: Booking Expert

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