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Perugia Park Hotel

Design Hotel, Perugia


The Perugia Park Hotel is a luxurious retreat, blending contemporary design and comfort in a peaceful setting just outside Perugia. With its strategic location, guests can easily explore the surrounding areas while enjoying exceptional services and amenities during their stay.

In 2022, the hotel enlisted the expertise of Qnt to create a new website that perfectly captures the hotel's sophisticated and welcoming ambiance. Our team developed a graphic restyling, featuring a warm and inviting color palette that ranges from rich greens to soft hazelnut hues. We also updated the logo, ensuring that it perfectly reflects the hotel's modern and elegant image.

To complement the hotel's designer furnishings and welcoming atmosphere, we crafted engaging copywriting for the Perugia Park Hotel website. The tone is warm and inviting, perfectly capturing the unique spirit of the hotel. Guests will feel at home amidst the hotel's stylish decor and tranquil surroundings.

What we did

Responsive website
Custom CMS
Digital Advertising
CRS/BE: Vertical Booking
Hotel Giolli Nazionale

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