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Hotel Conca Park

Art Hotel in Sorrento


Hotel Conca Park is a 4-star hotel in the center of Sorrento. Always attentive to the environment, over the years, it has implemented several eco-sustainable practices, including reducing waste and abandoning the use of plastic.

As a long-standing client of Qnt, the hotel decided to entrust our web agency with designing its new website. The new site expresses a fresh and informal image, reflecting the concept of inclusive and welcoming hospitality promoted by the hotel.

To achieve this, we have worked on simplifying the navigation and reducing the content on the old site. The design has bright colors and modern textures to convey a youthful and dynamic image. 

The copywriting is immediate and engaging and captures the visitor's attention immediately. For this, we used an informal register, exploiting the alternation between Italian and English to communicate liveliness and familiarity. The use of direct and concise language and an easy-to-read structure made for a smooth and pleasant browsing experience.

What we did

Responsive Website
Custom CMS
Digital Adv
CRS/BE: Simple Booking

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